Single release on July the 2nd!

Finally we are able to release our new single ‘Beyond the Tides.’ You can already pre-save our new single right now. Then it will show automatically in the release radar at the homepage of your Spotify app. Are you using Apple Music instead? No problem, the single will be released there too on the second of July. Just visit this webpage already right now to hyperfollow Chabliz and to listen to our new single as soon as it’s released.

Our next livestream concert will be on the 27th of June. Last Sunday we had the first rehearsal for it, after almost one month of corona quarantine for Marcel, our bassplayer.

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Livestream concert and new single

The good news is that our ‘Beyond the tides’ single is finally completely ready. Yesterday evening Pim put the finishing touches to the master. The song will be released at the end of June.

The bad news is that we had to postpone our livestream concert again, this time to June 27, because Marcel, our bassplayer, is recovering from corona. He is quite good on track with his recovery, but it’s a bit too early to give a concert already, because we couldn’t rehearse for a few weeks because of his quarantine and, after that, his illness. We hope to rehearse together again next week and we wish him a speedy and complete recovery!

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Livestream Concert postponed to June 6

Dear friends, due to the corona-quarantine of Marcel, our bassplayer, our online livestream concert unfortunately had to be postponed from May the 16th to June the 6th (8.30 PM CET). We’re still looking forward to play for you again! We were just glad that we could play in the evening again after the curfew had been ended, but now our bassplayer is in a quarantaine…… Anyway, in June we’ll bring you a few brand new songs, four camera’s instead of three, a great sound and a very good atmosphere. We’ll meet you there (online), on our YouTube channel.

photo: Catself (A. Holm)
photo by
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Livestream concerts

It was great to play for you again after two months of lockdown! Our last concert was filmed by three cameras and the sound was very good. We played two brand new songs for you and a few of our ‘golden oldies.’ And of course a few songs from our regular repertoire. This time we had extra keys, with several sounds, and a real Minimoog synthesizer! People who missed it can watch the concert here:

Within six weeks, on Sunday, May 16 we will play live for you again with our next livestream concert. 

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Livestream, photoshoot, music video and single

Last weekend was quite busy. On Saturday we went to Kofa Vlaardingen for a photoshoot for the Cancelled, by Anoek photobook and expo. Photographer Anoek van Nunen makes this book about artists who can’t play live during the lockdown in Holland. If you would like to buy this book in advance, then go to this website.

Photo by Anoek van Nunen
Photo by Anoek van Nunen

After the photoshoot we did a videoshoot for our new music video. Our new single ‘Beyond the Tides’ is due to be released in June, with a music video. Underneath you see a few pictures, taken on the set.

On March 28 we’ll finally be able to give a free livestream concert again on our YouTube channel! We’ll start on 5 PM CET (Dutch time). We’re looking forward to this. Don’t miss it! We missed playing live very much.

photo by V. Blok. Dress: Hoppezak, Leiden.
Photo: P. de Winter
Photo: V. Blok
Photo: V. Blok
Photo by P. de Winter

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Livestream concert postponed again

Due to the prolonged, strict lockdown measures, ordered by our government, we unfortunately have to postpone our next livestream concert again, from February 28 to Sunday late afternoon March 28, 5 PM CET (Dutch time). We’re looking forward to play live for you again. In the mean time we’re working on our next single release, called ‘Beyond the tides.’

Picture by
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Concert date rescheduled, due to the new strict lockdown rules

Due to the new, stricter lockdown rules, just ordered by our government, we’re not able to rehearse or give concerts for a few weeks. That’s why we rescheduled our livestream concert date from January the 31th to February the 28th. That’s a pity, but necessary in the battle against the virus. Luckily we’re still able to record, edit and mix our new, upcoming single of ‘Beyond the Tides’, partly online. On top of that we have weekly zoom sessions with the whole band.

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Streamsonic and a new livestream concert

We start this year during the lockdown with two livestream events. The first is this Friday, January the 15th. A live version of our new ‘Beyond the tides’ song will be streamed on the Streamsonic Festival, a streaming festival as a part of the Eurosonic-Noorderslag festival. The entrance to Streamsonic is totally free of charge. Chabliz will be streamed between 10.36 PM CET and 10.41 PM CET (22.36 – 22.40), that’s only four minutes of your time, so be on time, otherwise the next band is already streaming…… That being said, we advise you to tune in earlier and stay longer afterwards, because there are also many other interesting bands streaming. Our ‘Beyond the tides’ song is a song of hope and fear. We subtitled the video with the lyrics.

On Sunday evening the 31th of January Chabliz will give another free, online livestream concert. This time somewhat shorter than you’re used to. With two world premieres with brand new songs, and an old song that we didn’t play live for almost ten years. We improved our performance again, this time we have coloured lights and three camera’s instead of just one! The concert starts on 9 PM CET (21.00). There’s a small chance that Holland will get a curfew too, just like several other European countries. If that will be the case, then our concert will start on 5 PM CET (17.00). We’ll let you know. Tune in on our YouTube channel, as always, to watch the livestream concert.

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A happy and healthy 2021!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2021. We know that the first months of this year aren’t easy. That’s also the subject of our new song, Beyond the tides. This is a live recording, but we are recording the song in the studio now too. Expect a release asap, in or after the lockdown.

Our next livestream concert will be on Sunday evening, Januari 31, provided there won’t be any sharpening of the lockdown. You are able to watch our previous live concert of December 28 here, on our YouTube channel.

Despite the coronacrisis, Chabliz continued to work on new songs, recordings and concerts in the past year. That was hard during the first lockdown, when we couldn’t visit each other for more than two months. After the first lockdown we wrote, rehearsed, recorded and gave concerts again. In the summer we received a grant from the Music Production Fund of Sena. That was great news, it was many years ago that we received a grant for our music.

Thanks to your votes we reached position 366 and 400 with our songs Moon and Nightporter in the Snob 2000 again. Also this year the Snob 2000 2020 was broadcasted by Pinguin Radio.

On Spotify things were pretty okay this year. More people than in 2019 discovered our music there and listened to it; in 2020 there were 899 different listeners from 45 countries. Our music was streamed 4.400 times, for 320 hours. Our topsongs on Spotify are Nightporter, followed by Moon. But also Breakfast is relatively popular.

Our first real online livestream concert was in September. We broadcasted directly to Facebook with an old iPhone; the sound quality of that concert was quite bad. It was our first online concert ever, and we really had to get used to it! Our second livestream concert in October was already a little bit better, we had moved to our YouTube channel, but still the sound quality wasn’t perfect at all. In November we were invited by Funtime Live, which was very kind of them. This was the first time that we had a good sound online! Finally! In December we also improved our own gear and broadcasting skills and on December 28 we gave a very nice livestream concert in our own livingroom, with a great sound and nice light, but still with one camera. Our next concert on January 31 will be recorded by no less than three camera’s and we invested a bit in new and colorful lights. Hopefully we’ll ‘see’ you then!

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Seasons greetings

First of all we wish you a happy Christmas, despite the lockdowns, the coronavirus, and everything.
Thanks to all your votes we made it again to the Snob 2000 radioplaylist this year. Thank you very much for that! 🙏 😊 We reached position 366 and 400 with our songs ‘Moon’ and ‘Nightporter.’ It’s possible to listen to the Snob 2000 on Pinguin Radio. There’s also a quite popular Snob 2000 2020 playlist on Spotify.

We will give our next free online livestream concert on Monday evening December the 28th, on 8 PM. The concert will be available on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. We hope to meet you there, online.

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